5 Tips to Improve Your Spa Website

Spa Websites have become a critical part of almost every successful marketing strategy and yet we see a lot of Spas and Med Spas struggle just to get the basics right. With that in mind we created this simple list of things you need to get right.

1. Show Web Visitors Mobile User Quick Action Links

Spa Pro-tip: Mobile users and desktop want to do different task when they visit your website.  Data shows that Most mobile users are looking for a few quick things when they visit your website.

Mobile users want:

  • A clickable and easy to find phone number that they can click to call your spa
  • A an easy to find link to directions to your spa on every page
  • Quick access to browse your services, products, prices without downloading a PDF
  • The ability to request an appointment from their phone

2. Know Why Your Users Are Visiting Your Website On a Computer

Desktop visitors to your business website want all the same things that a mobile user want but they are not in hurry and they may be more interested in information about your business, photos, reviews, and information. They are more likely to be researching and be at work.

Desktop users want:

  • A visible phone number they can call
  • Information about the spa, the owner and the staff
  • Access to the your list of spa services
  • Links to read reviews about your business
  • Photos of the the spa and treatment rooms
  • Contact forms to request service

3. If You Have Photos, Use Them

You probably spent a lot of money on your Spa so that it looks better and different than your competitors. You think your spa looks fantastic, so show it to the world by taking fantastic photos and using them on your website

4. Every Location Should Have A Web Page On Your Website

Another mistake we see from businesses that have multiple locations is that they don’t give the locations a specific page on the website. We like to build whole sections about each location. This has a number of benefits for your customers and for your search engine rankings.

Every location for your multi-location business should have a landing page that includes that locations phone number, address, map and other relevant details for the local client.

Treat every location like it is its own small business.

5. Build an Email List of Spa Visitors

Your spa website is a great place to get people to signup for your email list or discount offers. A engaged email list can be used to bring in revenue during your non-peak business times and to grow your revenue to new highs.

Use your spa website to grow your email list and put together a solid email marketing plan to take advantage of it.

Building a great website does not have to be complicated. Using great images, customize the mobile version so that the mobile user has easy access to the information they want, give your desktop users all the information and photos they can use, and build your email list so that you can market to your customers when the restaurant is slow.

Do these things and you will make the most of your business website.

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