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Med Spa Marketing 101

Med Spa Marketing 101 According to the American Med Spa Association, the med spa industry is rapidly approaching a $5…

August 20, 2020
5 Tips to Improve Your Spa Website

Spa Websites have become a critical part of almost every successful marketing strategy and yet we see a lot of…

August 10, 2020
Building a Great Reputation

Marketing in the age of technology involves more than simply getting your Spa or Med Spa in front of potential…

February 13, 2020
Five Basic SEO Strategies for Spas

SEO is constantly changing. At Spa Smart, we have built SEO tasks into a more encompassing digital marketing platform to…

October 22, 2019
Social Media Advertising for Your Spa

Social Media Advertising is a Cost Effective Way to Reach Your Clients. Creating a Facebook ad can seem like a…

May 24, 2019
How Multi-Location Spas Can Benefit from SEO And Digital Marketing

Pertinent information for restaurants, regional brands, national brands, and other businesses with multiple locations. If you own a multi-location business…

May 8, 2019