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Texas Day Spa

Custom Website Design for a Local Day Spa

This Day Spa is a local icon with 6,200 sq ft of pampering under one roof. Walk in thru the red door and enter a world of relaxation.
Built in WordPress & designed from the ground up in Photoshop. Integrated to Zenoti spa management software. This is a great little spa website on a budget.

Spa Smart specializes in building marketing websites for Spas, Med Spas and other wellness brands. We build our own themes from scratch. You’ll have a 100% custom website theme built for your business or you can pick from one of many great spa themes that we will customize and make it your own. Everything is built by our experienced web designers and developers

Website Features

1. Integration to Zenoti

We are one of the few marketing agencies in the country that can write code and integrate to spa management software. This site is integrated a number of key spots to manage services and to get client reviews.

2. Built to last 

  • The WordPress website is built on our evergreen platform to allow for incremental changes to design and functionality without doing a complete rebuild.
  • Our team takes care of all the content

3. Spa Smart handles all the seo and digital marketing

  • Spa Smart has helped this client recover from a poor web build that cost the client all of their traffic. Spa Smart used advanced SEO skills to turn the traffic around and the clients sales are growing.