How Multi-Location Spas Can Benefit from SEO And Digital Marketing

Pertinent information for restaurants, regional brands, national brands, and other businesses with multiple locations.

If you own a multi-location business or if you are part of a multi-location franchise, there is a good chance that your business is not dominating the search results for your niche. A business with 10-200 locations can easily be pushed down the list of search results by a competitor with the right digital marketing efforts. How does this happen?

Corporate Marketing

There are a few reasons why your franchise or multi-location business is not performing well in local searches. Branding is typically the primary goal of a corporate office. The marketing team of the home office is focused on the promotion of the brand and concerned with brand consistency. While this is not detrimental and is fine as part of your overall marketing strategy, branding is not going to help you capture traffic from digital channels.

In addition, local SEO is a specialized skill. Your corporate marketing team may not be experienced or up to date in local digital marketing. They may have worked with SEO teams in the past that didn’t know what they were doing. Local SEO is a skill set that is constantly changing and digital marketers work hard to stay up-to-date with current tactics and trends.

The local single-location competitor is not likely to have the branding and marketing support you have. However, this can make it easier to be locally strategic and adaptable. If they are working with a platform like Spa Smart to drive market share, then they are not focused on corporate branding and style guides. The local competitor is utilizing Spa Smart’s guerrilla marketing tactics that your home office won’t be considering.

Some regional and national changes have recognized this lack in their corporate marketing strategy and responded accordingly. Using a platform like Spa Smart allows them to attack the local markets and treat each store as a single location.

  • A chain of stores with a single-location mindset has more tools and more budget to attack local. They have assets that their smaller competition does not. With a proper budget, you can have a regional chain driving HUGE year-over-year sales increases on a per-store basis.
  • When you combine the branding and corporate marketing efforts of the home office with the multi-location local digital agility of Spa Smart, you have all the tools needed to dominate local search for phrases that drive customers.

Spa Smart has customized tools to interact with “Google My Business” from Google Post to reports. Our tools give your local stores a distinct advantage.

Google My Business

Our Guarantee

If we don’t increase your local traffic to your individual stores by 10% in 90 days and 20% in 120 days, then we will work for free until we do. Again, we will work for free if we don’t meet our promise.

Note: we have never had to work for free. Our multi-location clients typically see a revenue increase in 30-45 days resulting from an underlying traffic increase to their website. We have one client with same store sales up 30% year-over-year. This is life-changing revenue for the business that was struggling prior to using Spa Smart.

Our strategies, tactics, methods, and processes work for any spa business that has multiple locations with a service or product that is searched for by customers. If you are ready to drive more revenue to your spa, then we would love to help you.

Couples massage at a spa

You Have an Advantage

Spa franchises and multi-location spas have an advantage in search. The branding work of your corporate office’s marketing team is part of that advantage. Let Spa Smart help you leverage that advantage in local SEO marketing efforts. Not only will your business see more revenue, but if you sell franchises, you will have much happier and more profitable franchise owners.


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