Med Spa Marketing 101

Med Spa Marketing 101

According to the American Med Spa Association, the med spa industry is rapidly approaching a $5 billion value, making it one of the fastest-growing industry specialties in the United States. Are you prepared to ride the wave? Or are you going to miss the boat?

Hopefully you’re ready to ride, but you can bet you won’t be the only one taking advantage of the Med Spa industry’s rising popularity. Greater growth means a more competitive Med Spa field, so med spa owners who want to stand out from the crowd need to step up their med spa marketing game to ensure they’re consistently getting noticed online, generating new leads, and landing new patients. The most critical techniques you should be executing in your med spa marketing plan are below in one easy syllabus:

Invest in a Website Refresh

Your Med Spa Website should inspire as much confidence and comfort as your med spa itself. After all, if a prospective patient doesn’t like what they see on your website, why would they visit in person? The following are a must:

1. Your website should be an extension of your business

However your patients find you, whether through Google, a redirect from a web advertisement, or they enter your web address directly from a business card, you want them to want to do business with you. Some of the elements a top-notch web designer will include are:

  • Responsive Web Design to ensure it’s mobile-friendly (increasingly crucial)
  • Displaying your contact information prominently on each landing page, where patients will see it and can take action
  • Design an easy-to-navigate site with tabs and an intuitive toolbar

2. You should always have fresh, relevant content to drive traffic

Fresh content not only keeps people coming back, it’s vital to ranking high in search and map results. Your business is ranked in part based on how current and relevant it is. In addition, making sure your site speaks clearly to what you do and what you want to do more of drive rankings. Some things you can do to help this are:

  • Create a blog where you regularly keep in contact with patients who subscribe or visit your site. Let them know about the latest advancements in med spa treatment
  • Know what you’re promoting. What services do you want to sell more of? What are your biggest traffic generators? What do you want to present to customers
  • Create aesthetically-pleasing pages that list all your services, rates, and insurance information, as well as a thorough and compelling “About us” page and answers to frequently asked questions

3. Integrate your website with your spa management system to take customer engagement to the next level and reduce your overhead

  • Dynamically display your availability to let your patients pick the days and times that work best for them and easily book online
  • Allow your patients to create their own accounts, fill out their relevant information, and even securely store their payment information for contactless payment
  • Automatically offer the most relevant up-selling and cross-selling opportunities based on their interests and selections

There’s a ton that goes into a good website, and the landscape is constantly evolving, so if you haven’t had your website refreshed in the last two years, it’s time to call in a professional to give it a facelift.

Get on Social Media

Your website should serve as your med spa’s online home base, but you need to venture out from home to have a commanding online presence. That means you have to go where the people are: social media. This is the case now, in the COVID-19 era, more than ever before.

1. Have a presence across a breadth of social media platforms

Different demographics use different social media platforms to different extents. Cover your bases by maintaining a presence on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Bear in mind the following:

Your social media pages should reflect just as professional and relevant an experience as your website
Each platform works differently and is geared to a different type of interaction with patients. Make sure you’re tailoring your activity to each
Make it easy for visitors to your website to find you on social media, and vice-versa!

2. Generate Likes and Follows to show up in peoples’ feeds

Social Media isn’t just another way to promote your med spa, it’s a way to allow your patients to promote it for you. Here’s what you need to do to:

  • Incentivize your patients (and prospective patients) to Like and Follow you on your various social media platforms; this will allow you show up in the feeds of their network
  • Keep the content coming. It doesn’t have to be Pulitzer Prize-winning material, but they should hear from you regularly, even if it’s simply with the week’s promos—that keeps you popping up in their feed, and the more interesting and compelling it is, the more they’ll share
  • Invite people to Like, Follow, and Share. Monitor the activity on your posts. Each platform works a little differently, but on Facebook, for instance, if someone Liked your post, you can invite them to Like your whole page, and the more people who like your page, the more people you reach

3. Augment your Social Media presence with highly-targeted digital ads

Social Media advertising can often give you the biggest bang for your buck if done right. Get the greatest value by following these guidelines:

  • Know who you’re trying to reach, and why. Are you trying to sell more CoolSculpting? Attract new patients? Boost repeat business? Get your name out? Your marketing goal will dictate what kind of ad you run, and to what specifications
  • Know your target. Unlike radio, TV, and print ads, you can get really precise with whom you want to target with your social media advertising based on numerous characteristics for your target market, including interests and locale, and it’s great for reaching new people. These factors will have an impact on the price you pay, and allow you to get maximum value for your ad
  • Don’t do piecemeal ads, do ad campaigns. Your marketing should work holistically across not only ads, but platforms and mediums to drive traffic, business, and presence

People go to social media not only to share bits of their lives, but to discover new and engaging things—like your med spa services. Make sure you’re set up with a business page on at least Facebook and Instagram, and invest in some targeted, high-value social media marketing to get your med spa seen in your target market’s primary social media feeds.

Dominate SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a term marketers use to describe using specialized skills to make your business rank as high as possible in online search results, so that when someone searches for “your city + medical spa” or “your city + HydraFacial”, your website and contact information pop up first. Search engines rank your site based on numerous factors across two main categories: what you do on your website and what you do outside of your site (or Off Site). Here’s how it works:

1. On Site SEO – Content is King

On Site SEO for Med Spas entails the structure of your site and your content. Is your content relevant? Is there enough? A bare-bones, single-page site won’t grab the search engines’ attention, let alone your prospective patients’. A good SEO specialist will make sure of the following:

  • Keep it fresh—having a consistent supply of new content is important
  • Keywords are key. If patients are going to find you, you have to know how they’re searching, so make sure the proper keywords are included in the proper places across your site (and complement your social media strategy!)
  • Remember your sales goals—you want to rank in the search results not only for the keywords “city + med spa” but for the specific products and services that you want to sell more of

2. Off Site SEO – Your Online Field Work

Search engines use complex and constantly-changing algorithms that determine how you rank. What’s happening elsewhere on the internet matters a great deal in how you rank. Make sure your SEO incorporates the following:

  • Linkbacks: the more other sources online reference your website, the better
  • Know what’s interacting with what. Are the sites pointing to you relevant?
  • Understand the changes in the algorithms. You need to be able to roll with the punches

3. Local SEO and Google My Business Is Your Greatest Asset

Google My Business (GMB) is the business directory that Google uses to populate their maps and show local businesses in the search results, often ahead of the normal organic results. Ranking high on the GMB listings that appear in the organic search results will improve your business significantly. You’ll receive phone calls from people who never even visit your website. It’s also where your Google Reviews will show up. Read the section further down on Reputation Management to see how important reviews are to your business.

4. Supplement with Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Just as you can augment your social media presence with targeted advertising, you can do the same on the web overall, but make sure you’re getting the best value by doing the following:

  • Create a strategy that uses PPC to supplement your online presence, not replace it
  • Understand where you want to advertise online. Google Ads go a long way, but you can also advertise on various complementary websites
  • Keep an eye on your returns. Each click will cost you, so make sure you’re getting the most for your money

Great SEO can be tricky as it requires a multi-faceted approach. To do it right, you need to not only make sure your website and all of its content are optimized, but that every post and ad on your social media platforms are likewise optimized. This entails keywords, linkbacks, fresh content, and much more, and all drives your relevance in Google searches for med spas in your area.

Reputation Management

SEO companies debate whether great reviews impact your search rankings. We won’t offer our opinion on that, but we do know they improve the likelihood someone will click on your listing. Just think about the last time you searched for a local business. Did you call the company with 100+ five star reviews, or the one with no reviews? You need a strong and consistent process in place to gather feedback and reviews from your customers.

  • Ask your clients for feedback about their experience at your Med Spa
  • Build a process and procedures for asking for Google Reviews as well as reviews on sites you think your users frequent or used to do research

Building a great reputation takes the willingness to ask what your customer think, and then using their feedback to improve your business.

Email Marketing & Marketing Automation

Building your email list and staying top of mind with your clients is an important part of any sound digital marketing strategy. Most of your clients are busy and leave active lives. The goal when communicating with them thru email marketing is to be top of mind when they need you, not to get them to read every email you send out. (but that would be nice).

Email marketing will help you communicate new and existing services offerings, inform your clients about specials, encourage your audience to book appointments, and help you sell product.

If you are not collecting customer emails, we highly recommend you start to do so asap. Once you have a list you can decide on a simple newsletter strategy or a more dynamic marketing automation approach to email marketing for your med spa.

Ready to Rejuvenate your Med Spa Marketing?

It’s a complex recipe with proven success. Just one or two legs of the stool won’t support your business, but all three legs provide a solid approach to getting noticed and bringing in patients. Our team has more than 60 combined years of experience in SEO, Web Marketing, and Web Design and Development. Give us a call today to discuss with one of our knowledgeable team members how we can revitalize your med spa’s business and ride the wave.

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