Med Spa Marketing: The Key To Success In 2021

A deep, well-rounded Med Spa marketing program may seem like another expense you don’t want or need, but in actuality, it can yield enormous dividends by dramatically increasing your clientele–including repeat clients. Marketing these days is far more complicated than it used to be, and competition is stiffer, so having a smart, holistic marketing approach is almost as important as keeping the lights on.


How you communicate with your clients makes all the difference. The voice you use, the social media and blog posts you use it in and the emails you send all comprise an image of you. This is one that you want to make sure is consistent, effective and accurate. The wrong communication can cause problems and even cost you business.


Social media and blog posts should express your brand’s voice, it really does take a lot of research and tact to get it right. You want to be sure that your voice represents your spa the way you want it to. This voice is how you communicate to your clients who you are and what you have to offer. With the wrong voice you can miss out on clients or turn them off, completely. 

You want to write your voice consistently. Writing in a sophisticated and serene style is something that is effective in a holistic marketing campaign, but you want to be consistent. You don’t know when or where new clients will find you and having a clear and concise voice gives you an authentic appearance. 

Social Media and Blog Posts

When posting to social media and blogs the content and tags you use are critical. The right message means nothing if you can’t get it across to your audience for them to consume. You might know the hashtags your friends are talking about, you might even know the trending ones. But, knowing how to capitalize on hashtags is so much more than that. Writing a good blog post is far more than stringing words together and piling on paragraphs. You want to be sure to use the right words to pull traffic to your site. And while you might think you know a word that will do it, it takes a professional to use them correctly. If you use that word too much or not enough the post is meaningless and may actually hurt your brand.

Putting together a successful marketing campaign, you need to include optimal hashtags and SEO relevant phrases based on natural language. These are the phrases that search engines will use to find relevant information, so you want to be sure to build this list based on the services you want to sell more of. However, that isn’t enough. Without quality content the search result means very little. The post has to be relevant, well written and full of useful information. This balance is one that only gets more complicated once you integrate SEO struation. Using those keywords too much will hurt your ranking and not using them enough is something that will get you buried. 


Having a system to send out emails isn’t the only thing you need when communicating with clients. Knowing how to grab their attention is one thing, retaining it is another. You want to know the words that will keep them reading and excited about booking an appointment. They have to know that they need to call now and see you as soon as possible. 

Email content is something that is a bit complicated in that you want to use the right words, but don’t want to get too lengthy when you do it. Most people only look at the part of the email that pulls up on their phone screens. And that will decide whether they scroll down or not. So, it has to be something that will hook them initially and keep them going!


Having a great website is a must, far more important than it has ever been before. When a client wants to know more about services, when they want to learn more about the spa or the staff; this is where they will go. And you want to be sure that the first place they turn to sends the right message. It has to look good, but also sound good. You want to communicate that you are a high end location with a caring staff that provides exceptional services. That is something that needs to be done by professionals who can get the message across in the short time the consumer is giving you by scrolling through your site. 

Building a website is just the beginning. You want to be sure to showcase the best assets of your business, the location and your staff. Knowing how to organize the site helps the client find what they are looking for, but can also be a great way to optimize and lure in more traffic. The same balance needed for SEO in blog posts will come in handy here. 

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising and marketing has a new face these days. Digital is a great place to start, but where do you go after that? Knowing how and when to use online advertising or events is a great way to capitalize on traffic and turn a lead into a loyal client.

Online Advertising

Advertising online has become more and more common. You have a short amount of time to entice consumers, so what do you do? An elevator pitch is the original version of what we have now, in digital form. What is needed now is something more sophisticated and succinct. You need to be able to hit them with a feather, but strike like a hammer. And while everyone thinks they can do it, you get one shot and you want to make sure it is a good one. We have all heard and seen horrible commercials, you don’t want that for your spa. 

Pay per click is a great example of online advertising that can work in your favor, if you know how to use it correctly. Whether you are using Google Adwords or another service, you want to target an audience that will be rich with fruition. This, combined with your budget, is something that will dictate what your ads will look like. This is where crafting a short, but effective, message comes in handy. 


Having an event is a great way to get clients! It shows that you like to have fun and want to meet people. Events don’t have to be very complicated, they just have to be effective. But, throwing the right event without spending a fortune can be tricky. You don’t want to just have someone standing outside handing out flyers. But, clowns and balloons will attract the wrong market and waste money. And then there is the headache of getting the word out to possible clients. Marketing events don’t have to be a headache. You just have to be able to get people to come and talk to you, the staff and location will speak for itself. 

Having a grand opening is a great example of an event that can bring in business. Letting people know who you are and that you’re available is perfect for signaling that you are ready for business while giving them a chance to meet you and look around. Food is a great lure and reward, which most people will enjoy. A lot of successful events give raffles to get contact information, which can be used to offer promotions. You also want to be sure to have a list of services ready. Giving your customer the price for a facial when they come in is more likely to mean they will book then being unprepared. Make sure you are also ready to book appointments, just in case!

Loyalty Programs

The great thing about Loyalty Programs is that not only can it keep customers coming back, it can win new ones. Having a discounted price for a service, if purchased monthly, is a great way to entice clients to give you a try. And once they have an experience they enjoy they will want to have it every month. Having a program that rewards loyalty is always a great idea. It puts you far and away ahead of the ones who don’t; but it also signals that you value your audience and want to keep them. 

You want to be sure that there is a discount for consistency, but also one just for coming back. In a lot of cases this can mean something like a membership that gives you ten dollars off a service while also receiving a discount on items purchased in the location. This tends to be the most popular service, but can also be great for introducing new services or something that you want to boost. There has also been success with packages if you have a service that requires more than one treatment to show progress. 



While reviews can let the world know how amazing you are, they can also be used against you. How you respond to them is not only essential, it is telling to your clients. Something like a video testimonial is better than a written review, in that it has a more authentic and human feel to it. 


We all know someone who has had a bad experience at a spa. Now, reviews are the digital age version of hearing that from a stranger. Knowing how to respond to this type of review is important. The wrong retort can make you look like a child throwing a tantrum. The correct one can show you are classy and did nothing wrong. This is where having someone to handle your social media and PR make all the difference. You can’t control what people are going to say about you. You can control your response and the image it portrays.

In the event you have a bad review you want to have as much information about the incident as possible. You want to know what the incident was and the thought process of the staff member involved. If you feel the spa was at fault you can have the customer contact you, to try to make it right. However, if you feel the client was out of line, or is in their review, it is helpful to explain what happened and why. You want to do this is the classiest and simplest way, possible. A lot of times stating the situation without emotional bias is viewed as being classy and explaining why the client was wrong. 


Video testimonials are a great tool for getting people in your spa! Being able to put a face tot he review makes it feel more real. It makes it seem more sincere and less like a sales pitch. But, just having anyone sitting in front of the camera isn’t the same as having someone talk to them and knowing what to ask. Having someone edit the footage correctly is also something that can give a more professional and less contrived appeal. 

It is helpful to comprise questions ahead of time and talk to the client while being recorded. Whether you want to help them feel comfortable in front of the camera or are trying to get good footage of a good review, having these questions can be helpful. You want to prep the client by going over what the process will be and what you will be discussing. Let them know that the testimonial will be edited and used publicly, but that you want honesty. 

Budget Management

While it might seem like turning to a marketing firm is another expense you don’t need, it can actually end up saving you money. Adding up the time you spend on social media, planning events, managing online presence, editing the website, managing a marketing calendar, coordinating events, putting together marketing materials…well, let’s just say it’s a full-time job in itself. Hiring another staff member to do it would be very expensive. Having a marketing firm to handle it for you is far more reasonable. The alternative is doing it yourself and wasting money on the wrong advertising and time on the wrong words. It is also very likely that all these wrong moves will not only mean missing out on business, but losing quite a bit. 

Discussing the budget you have and what your goals are is a great discussion point for any consultation. You want to be sure that the marketing firm you choose can work in the parameters you set. It also ensures that anything that will go over your budget is up for discussion or that it can replace an already agreed upon facet. In many cases you can focus on the points you need and any leftover money can be rolled into online advertising. The marketing firm will also give you an idea of your marketing campaign and the kind of progress you can expect, usually with a timeline to ensure you understand the process.

The benefits to having the right marketing firm working for you are endless. Once you have someone to write your blog posts professionally, you don’t have to worry about the correct SEO phrases saturating original content and how to balance it correctly. You don’t have to worry about beautiful Instagram posts that use the correct hashtags and draw the correct audience. And you don’t have to worry about how to correctly and concisely respond to reviews. You have someone to do all these things for you, while you focus on your spa and making it the best it can be. We all have our strengths, now you have time to focus on yours and build it up!


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