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SPA Search Marketing & PPC Management for Spas

We will Advertise your Spa on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing in the search results to help achieve your marketing and revenue goals.

There is no better person to advertise to then the person looking for the Spa services you offer. We typically try to dominate the search engines for our clients key services but that can take time. For clients looking for quick results we use Pay-per-Click advertising.

Let Spa Smart put your business advertisements on Google where your prospects are actively looking for spa services in your area. This will get your phones ringing instantly while we build your digital footprint to bring in more organic web traffic.

Spa Smart Search Marketing promotes / advertises your spa on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing—with professionally;y created ads crafted by our Google-certified adwords specialist.

Google Adwords Management focused on Spa & Wellness!

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Pay-Per-Click Return On Investment

We believe the success of any Spa advertising pay-per-click (PPC) campaign depends on dilgent management and a focus on ROI for the advertiser. Tracking Conversion ratio, cost per lead and cost per acquisition is key to your return on investment. As the most experienced pay-per-click search advertising team focused on the Spa and Wellness industry we can provide you with data-driven strategies focused on measurable results.  Our hands-on PPC management team constantly test and improve your PPC campaign for better results and more clients for your spa.

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AdWords Pay-per-Click is Paid Media, So What Is Paid Media?

There are three ways to get your Spa in the media or in front of your clients / prospects. Earned Media, Owned Media, and Paid Media

Earned Media is free media coverage your Spa gets when you are interviewed, written about, or talked about in a broadcast medium for something your company did or for the quality of your service. PR companies are in the business of gaining earned media but you can get earned media in a number of ways on your own..

Owned Media is media your Spa owns, controls and manages. For instance, Spa Smart owns a Spa Directory, a Skincare Blog and a few other digital assets. When write about Spa Smart on those assets we are using Owned Media to generate buzz. We also consider social media assets to be Owned Media.

Paid Media, Is exactly what is sounds like - paying to have your Spa brand, product or service exposed to customers by paying the company promoting you.

Most Spas have trouble getting earned media and owned media can be to expensive to manage and maintain  Most Spa business pay for their media exposure thru advertising.