SEO for Multiple Location Spas

SEO for Multiple Location Spas & Med Spas

Spas with multiple locations have special marketing and technology needs that smaller spas do not.  Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  favors the single location Spa (if they hired a good team) Let us help each of your Spa locations compete with a hyper-local SEO campaign that takes advantage of your size and scale.

Local search engine optimization (SEO) for a spa or medical spas with more than two locations starts with your site structure and site taxonomy. Each location of your  business needs to have, at a minimum, its own page on your website. Each location needs content to help them compete with the single location spa down the street.

What Makes Spa Smart Different

Experience, results, process and procedures that have been honed over a combined 40 years in the Digital Marketing trenches. When you are serious about using your digital footprint to drive revenue and customers to each and every one of your your spa locations we are here to help.


Gaining more customers takes work


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We have Multi Location SEO experts on staff that can help you increase the traffic and revenue for your business.
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    Your customers now search for products and services they need while they are having lunch, waiting for a meeting, in the lobby at a doctor’s office, etc. The situations and locations are endless. Local businesses depend on local customers for business success. Local mobile search strategy is crucial to attract these customers.


    Spa Smart has been helping businesses like yours increase revenue with unique local marketing plans for over 10 years; the founders have been implementing digital strategies for small businesses for a combined 40+ years.

    Your Spa locations are competing for market share against locally managed Day Spas that are going to be more agile and more focused on that specific GEO location.