Social Media Advertising for Your Spa

Social Media Advertising is a Cost Effective Way to Reach Your Clients.

Creating a Facebook ad can seem like a daunting task, especially if you‘re new to the Facebook Business manager interface. There are several things to consider in creating an ad that’s effective. With Facebook’s  1.79 billion daily users, believe us—it’s well worth the effort. While there’s no secret recipe for creating the perfect Facebook ad, there are a few tips and tricks that can make your ad more impactful and deliver a solid return on your investment.

Choose Your Audience

People using social mediaFirst, as with any form of marketing, you must identify your target audience. The impact of a well-designed and well-placed ad will be lost if your ad doesn’t reach the right audience. When creating your Facebook ad, part of the setup process is defining your audience. Facebook has several built-in filters for you, and the easiest to use are location, age, age, behaviors, interests, occupation and even job title. By using just these basic targeting criteria, you can build a highly-specific target audience as unique as your spa or med spa. For instance, one of our spa clients targets affluent clientele, and she very rarely discounts. Her best clients are women over 40 who live within 10 miles of her spa. Knowing this makes building her ad audience easy. (It used to be easier to focus on the affluent with Facebook, but it’s still possible with a few tricks).

We can also can create custom audiences from your client email list, or look-alike audiences based on the profiles of your best customers. We can even create custom audiences to exclude specific audience segments.

Don’t underestimate just how important it is to create an appropriate target audience. It is critical. Your ad can’t convert and make you money if the wrong audience is seeing it. For example, just as you wouldn’t expect to see a curling iron advertisement in a men’s magazine, you wouldn’t expect Hot Rod Magazine to advertise to women ages 18-21 on Facebook. To get maximum value for your ad, you’re looking to target the audience with the highest likelihood of converting.


Once you know whom you’re trying to reach, you need to establish what you want to accomplish with your ad. Facebook offers 11 Campaign Objectives to choose from, depending on your goals: brand awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation, messages, conversions, catalog sales, and store traffic. Having a clear objective will allow you to design your ad to have maximum impact.

Ad Placement

After defining the right audience for your Spa’s ad, the next key to the ad’s success is its placement.  Facebook / Instagram has six categories where your ad can be seen: news feeds, stories, in-stream videos, search results, Messenger, in-article, and external apps. Most spas and med spas choose multiple placements for their ads, but your available placement options will be driven by your ad format.


Picking the right format can help to deliver your message clearly to your audience. You can choose between four format options in Facebook: images, videos, carousels, and collections. A spa wanting to promote their new location might want to use the image to quickly and cost-effectively let prospective clients know they have a new location nearby, while med spas wanting to generate more HydraFacial business might want a video that goes into more detail. While the ad’s text is important, its creative will be responsible for 80% of its traffic and performance. Visuals are the best thing to catch your clients’ attention on Facebook.

Ad Visuals

social media marketing icons Facebook & InstagramThe most compelling Facebook ads include visual elements, and in most cases, the visual should clearly match your ad’s message. Visuals can include photos, vector graphics, videos, or Facebook can lace multiple photos together to create a custom video.


Your ad’s message needs to be simple, clear, concise, and easy to understand. Facebook recommends keeping the message to just under 90 characters. Depending on the type of your ad and your message, you might need to go a bit over this, but most advertisers agree that you should limit it to 120 characters.

Calls to Action

Another important element is to include a Call to Action that’s relevant for your spa or med spa and leads to your desired outcome. Examples:

  • Contact Us
  • Book Now
  • Sign Up

Specific calls to action help drive traffic to a specific point such as link to your website, or an app in the app store. You can choose from Facebook’s call to action buttons or simply include it in your ad’s message.

Optimize Your Social Media Ads

In addition to defining your social media ad’s objective, you need to optimize it by specifying things such as schedule, delivery, and max spend per day, or over the life of your campaign. Optimizing your ad will make it more effective and more likely to achieve your objective.

Test Your Social Ads

After you’ve created your masterpiece social media ad, you need to TEST YOUR AD. Facebook allows you to test your ad with a focus group of users before you publish it to your full target audience. This allows you to test different versions of your ad and to use which version performed best.

Creating an effective Facebook ad for your spa or med spa requires both knowing your clients and understanding how to effectively reach them using the tools Facebook provides. By reaching your target clientele with the most compelling ads, and showcasing your most valuable services, you can inspire them to learn more, and ultimately choose your spa or med spa for their needs.


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